White on White

I haven’t posted here for a couple of weeks or so, as my time seems to be taken up more with my Flickr and Viewbug pages. But the future plan is to pare back a bit.  As I get older I can easily get overwhelmed with all the available outlets and info that our on-line world affords us.  So, employing a bit more discipline to myself is the answer I think.

I’m thinking of leaving Facebook too as there is so much stuff they bombard you with – including  selecting and re-posting your very old posts that they title ‘memories’.  Plus, I’m inundated lately with ‘friend requests’ from people I don’t know. I don’t like to be impolite and reject them, but I haven’t the patience to keep looking up profiles etc to sus them out !

I find that the updates and changes that all of these sites do, that are meant to improve our ‘experience’ and make computer life easier, are really a big con. I believe they do it for their own benefit to allow for more and more adverts and the like [ I appreciate they have to make money].  Anyway – I’m too old to be bothered with it all any more …..

I will simply stick with my WordPress photo blog and Flickr. I especially like Flickr because they have special photography interest groups to join. As my favourite genres are still life, flowers and macro  this suits me fine as I can hitch up and share with like- minded enthusiasts

Well, it’s time to post my pics for this post :



I went high key for these images …… enjoyed playing around with the lighting.  bye for now,   Eileen




7 responses to “White on White”

  1. White on white – I like them. I would have never thought of that as white is so difficult to work with in digtal. I think you’re right to be skeptical of the sites trying to improve our experience vs. theirs. I think the business strategy for Facebook, Google, and others it to create an environment that “captures” the user so that the have no reason or need to leave the site by supplying everything a user wants on their site. That’s a big reason Facebook has been promoting links to news and things they think you (more often incorectly in my case) would be interested in. Ironically it’s kind of a return to the old AOL and Netscape environments. I remember years ago many people thought AOL was the internet and many who knew there was “something beyond AOL” were afraid to leave the confines of AOL.

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    1. I will be posting similar pics of white shells (with variations) tomorrow. I think I must have got ‘computerised’ after Aol and Netscape as I know nothng about them! I love my pc and ipad as I live alone and it keeps me in touch with the world. I try to do it on my own terms but it’s a losing battle …. Plus : why do they keep changing what I’m typing all the time ? I don’t need their gobbledygook guesswork, my spelling and grammar are just fine – but do you think I can switch it off ? It isn’t helpful – it’s annoying me ☹️grrrrrrr

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      1. The only time I’ve hada problem with auto correct is on my Android cell phone. I think there was a setting with th keyboard choice that allowed my to turn it off – which I did. When I do Google searches or text messages I get about 4 suggestions below the text area as I type a word. This comes in handy for a fat finger guy like me, especially with longer words.


  2. yes – my ipad shows those suggestions, but before the recent update, as I kept typing my own words it would leave it at that. Now it does what it likes and it’s only looking back on my text I see it didn’t use my own words and it makes no sense …. My son wasn’t able to turn it off for me either. I notice this happens with other peoples’ blogs and articles and you end up guessing what they intended to say! Ha ha – so sorry – this has turned into a huge winge ….

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  3. The first one with the subtle pastel colors is great! And yes, I know, I’m a bit late with my comment but I’m catching up 🙂


    1. Thank you Eric – no problem with timing – I seem to have had a sudden small influx of ‘likes’ today for some mysterious reason! Eileen


  4. White on white looks really great! 🙂

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