This is going to be a much needed update … I’ve only just discovered that my ‘About’ page needs a drastic change. Actually looking back on it was a good thing as I can now appreciate how much further along the photographic path I’ve moved!!

I did indeed upgrade my camera – first to an Olympus Stylus 1, which is still a straightforward compact one, but then I went for my present camera which is an Olympus OM DE 10 plus lenses : zuiko 42mm , zuiko 40-150 zoom and a zuiko 60mm macro lens. My most recent buy was a Lensbaby Composer pro Sweet 35 – that I’m still trying to get the hang of ….   The beauty of my Olympus camera is it’s light weight , but the downside has been , for me, its somewhat complicated menu systems. But, as with all learning – the more you can practice and use, the easier it becomes to remember everything. Counter balance that though with the memory becoming less efficient in ‘old’ age [now 81 – gasp!].

I’m also finding that ‘age’ is slowing me down quite a bit now and I can no longer do the things I used to, so I very much have to work within my limits, which can be very frustrating!  I also don’t post as much here or on my ‘Christian’ blog any longer.


I love taking photographs and I especially enjoy getting creative with my software programmes. Modern technology has opened up a whole new world to me and I only wish digital cameras had been available in my youth instead of having to wait 10 days or so for the results of my labours in the form of little 2″ square black & white photos   …. ah, Happy Days !

Now in my senior years, I have a Canon digital camera which I can keep permanently on ‘Auto’. I never could get my head around working out the mathematical formulas of shutter speeds, exposures, metering etc etc  – oh dear – decisions, decisions ….

However – even on Auto, there is still too much technical stuff to deal with and I simply want basics. I know for a fact that I’m not able to take advantage of all my camera can do because I just don’t know it well enough yet.

Still – I have advanced enough to be able to choose ‘settings’ eg portrait, indoors, snow and the like, with a turn of the wheel with a ‘Func set’ button in the middle  –  that is after after going round and round with several attempts to stop at the right ‘Icon’  …..   and I still don’t like having to wade through ‘Menus’. I can get overloaded with too much info at times.

Maybe it’s the old male/female thing again as, like washing machines and cookers [ men seem to be the inventors] , all us girls want is Basics that get the job done in the quickest possible time. Who cares about timers and thousands of programmes that you’re never gonna use? Just switch it on, do it and switch off please !

So – there we are  – considering all my ignorance, I’m still able to produce reasonable images and while that is the case, I may not ever advance to a Digital SLR camera – even though everyone insists I would get even better results. P’raps someone out there can convince me ?

Bye for now      Eileen

UPDATE!    I did get myself another little Canon camera with a bigger zoom and better display so that I don’t have to go round in circles for my settings anymore. I’m seriously thinking of  taking courage to buy a ‘bridge’ camera. One of my concerns is weight as the hands are weakening with age!! I need to get to a camera shop to try them out methinks….. oh dear – I’m such a procrastinator!


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  1. I started out with a point and shoot Sony Cybershot. I can’t afford a DSLR as of yet so I have a “bridge camera” its a Nikon Coolpix L120 with superzoom. It takes really good pictures and I’m happy with it’s usability. I don’t have time to mess around with complicated menus so I tend to like streamlined things myself. Maybe you could try something like that instead of taking the big step to a DSLR. Good luck!


  2. Many thanks for your advice – I will look your camera up on line as I have been thinking lately that I might be brave and buy a new one. One thing I won’t be able to handle though is a camera that’s too heavy.


  3. Hello! I am a fellow photographer and have a photography blog as well, http://fullbloomphotos.wordpress.com/ anyway, I don’t know what specific camera you have, but I have a nikon coolpix l810. And I LOVE it! I can see on your blog you like outdoor close up photos. So do I! Thats why I got this camera. Its really affordable and works great. check out my blog for my photos! My recent post is taken with another camera


    1. Hi there, thank you so much for your input – my camera is a Canon IXUS 9015. It seems to be the case that Nikon and Canon are the most commended cameras around. I’m tempted to try a Nikon for my next camera but I guess we tend to feel safe with what we already use , so I may go for another Canon. Mmm – p’raps I should just go into a shop for advice and a demo …. ease of use is a priority for me as much as the lens quality. Has anyone out there any experience of BOTH Canon and Nikon ?


      1. my mom has a canon powershot. Before I bought my nikon, I used my moms canon for all my photography. Personally, I really enjoy both brands. The nikon and my mom’s canon are both easy to use and great quality.


  4. I seems to me you are doing a wonderful job with the cameras you are/have been using. Of course we always want that next piece of equipment that will make things easier, better, just plain more wonderful.

    I’m not a big fan of still life painting, sketches, or photography but I think yours are really outstanding. I think you have a great eye for composition and whimsy and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

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  5. Hi David, I’m honoured that you ‘like’ my photography efforts – when I look back on my ‘about’ page I realise it needs updating ! I’ll be in touch …. Eileen


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