Tulip Poses [posies]

tulip closeup

There are lots of bunches of tulips around in the shops at this time and I just had to buy myself a couple. They were in bud so only showing a slight hint of their colour. One lot was a bit disappointing because they appeared white with pale purple-coloured streaks but turned out completely white. The others were this lovely pinky shade.

tulip sculpture

tulip sculpture 2

tulip and twigs

tulip and twigs 2Till next time folks,   Eileen



2 responses to “Tulip Poses [posies]”

  1. As you can see, I’m going through some of your old posts again. I think it is fantastic all the different poses you created for this tulip and the photography to capture those poses is excellent.


  2. Thank you for your interest David. It’s a great encouragement to me that you take time out to view my posts – I get so few comments, so yours are very, very valued …. bless you, Eileen

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