• Tulips and Other Flowers

    Tulips and Other Flowers

    I like the drama of a black background, it seems to make the colours more vibrant …. the light is just from a small window. variation on the theme …. That’s all for now folks, thank you for your visits and ‘likes’ – they are much appreciated. See you again soon I hope,  Eileen

  • Catching Up

    I must admit I was quite shocked to see how many months have gone by since I last posted here – so now I must catch up and will start with some Hawthorn blossom. I went over to the Pond last week , but it was very cold and very lean pickings for any water birds…

  • Tulip Portrait

    I love the sculptural quality of tulips because they make such clean, simple images … you can’t go wrong really, can you? I find this type of flower lends itself well to using a black background. Removing a petal allowed the stamen etc to be photographed from the front instead of from above. One of…

  • Tulip Poses [posies]

    There are lots of bunches of tulips around in the shops at this time and I just had to buy myself a couple. They were in bud so only showing a slight hint of their colour. One lot was a bit disappointing because they appeared white with pale purple-coloured streaks but turned out completely white.…

  • Photo Art

    When I can’t find fresh inspiration I sometimes go back and have look through my photo library to see what I could have a bit of fun with. I love using my Paintshop Pro to get creative and try out different effects. Tulips have a lovely sculptural quality to them and I experimented with ‘Gradients’ …

  • Close Ups

    I quite liked the soft effect of my original image but decided to apply a ‘soft focus’ with my Paint Shop software to this next one. This is the other extreme  – I hope that both display the beauty of God’s design ….

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