Life happens and when it does it can change everything -especially comfortable habits and routines. So it is that my regular photography hobby has been on the back burner for ages , without much chance of getting back into the swing!

However, I made myself grab my old Stylus camera to take an auto shot of this quickly changing sunset from my window. The winds were quite strong and the sun was disappearing with every second.
I was pleased to have captured this one and hope it’s worth sharing …..


Half Moon

Half Moon

The other evening we had a super clear sky – not a cloud in sight, so the moon really stood out against the blue.


It was an opportunity to see if I could capture any detail with my inbuilt camera zoom. I’d been very happy with the results I’d got for close-ups, but I wasn’t sure if it would be any good with distance as there was no detail showing in the moon to the naked eye.


I’ve included these distance shots to illustrate the lack of detail. This one I ‘vignetted’ but I’m not all that thrilled with it as I’d absentmindedly forgotten to ‘save’ the one I really wanted!

moon & birds

I’ve included this one because I’d accidently captured a couple of birds as well ….. I just didn’t see them!