• Stitch


    These pics were my interpretation of a Flickr macro theme called ‘Stitch’.  They are of a lovely Christmas table runner that I bought a few years back….. On the last one I added a ‘glow’ effect called deep forest which I thought rather suited this embroidered leaf. I used to love doing embroidery myself in my…

  • Green and Red

    Green and Red

    It’s marvelous how God has designed and inbuilt every species of life with stored information in the genes/DNA to pass on its characteristics to future generations. This has enabled breeders of the Heuchera plant to produce a wonderful variety of leaves and I have several in my garden. They have also crossed Heucheras with Tiarellas and produced the…

  • Cherry Ripe

    I had to resist eating the cherries I’d bought while I had fun photographing them. I can’t claim originality for the idea of using forks in a still life image, but I tried to do my own thing with them …. Hope you liked them … I hope to show some Roses next time,   Eileen

  • New Arrivals

          For weeks I’ve been bemoaning the fact that I haven’t had any butterflies in my garden  – well today there have been several fluttering about and even resting long enough for me to take some pics.  I think this particular lot are called Gatekeeper [Pyronia tithonus] because they have twin black eyespots…

  • Patio Garden

    This is a corner of my little patio garden.  As you can see  – there are still gaps to fill as I only started planting it up last year and wanted to see how much room the plants would need.  I’ve tended to go for ‘clump forming’ plants because I don’t want the hassle of…

  • Trooping the Colour

        I watched the Trooping of the Colour [celebrating the Queen’s birthday] on TV last saturday and decided to have a go at taking photos ….[ I’m hoping I haven’t breached any copyright laws].  I was quite pleased with the results in spite of having to deal [post-production] with the inevitable reflections on the…

  • Close Ups

    I quite liked the soft effect of my original image but decided to apply a ‘soft focus’ with my Paint Shop software to this next one. This is the other extreme  – I hope that both display the beauty of God’s design ….

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