Trooping the Colour




I watched the Trooping of the Colour [celebrating the Queen’s birthday] on TV last saturday and decided to have a go at taking photos ….[ I’m hoping I haven’t breached any copyright laws].  I was quite pleased with the results in spite of having to deal [post-production] with the inevitable reflections on the tv screen.  I could be clearly seen holding the camera in some of them so had to discard them.



Another problem I had was unwanted lines and ‘moire’ patterns so I removed them as best I could.  As a result sometimes the images weren’t as sharp as I would have liked. Anyway – I tried to compensate what were technical problems by concentrating more on composition and cropping.



I love all the colour and pomp and circumstance too.  My dear old Dad was in the TA Royal Artillary in the 1920 s  and was with  horses and gun carriages like these. I specially like their uniforms – so dashing ….







002 Well, of course, being England – it couldn’t last long could it? … the sunny weather I mean !  After being spoilt with the most gordeous blue skies and warmth for almost a week – it turned nasty again.  I don’t mind the usual showers or even the heavy rain we’ve been getting – it’s the sudden drop in temperature that chills me poor ole bones that gets to me.  Still, I shouldn’t complain when there are parts of the world that suffer so much from earthquakes, tornadoes and the like !  Hmm – I’m living on easy street ain’t I?


Before the rains came I was able to buy some plants to begin filling up the little border. As I’m now the proud owner of a little pickett fence I decided a couple of Clematis would look good scrambling over it.  No matter that I discovered too late that Nellie Moser grows 10ft x 10ft ….

001Oh Happy days ……


Dandelion Clock



Our weather here in dear old England is back to normal again …. you don’t know what it’s going to do from one day to the next. Anyway – I’d been looking out the patio window at the surrounding grassy area and admiring the buttercups. The men had cut the grass a week or so ago, but you’d never have believed it.

I noticed a few Dandelion clocks left over, so in between rain showers I dashed out [hmm , that’s a slight exaggeration at my age] to cut a fine-looking speciman to photograph indoors.

For a bit of drama, I draped a piece of  black material over a chair near the window and stood said Dandelion in a little pin-holder.


From this angle it looks almost heart-shaped.  I’d taken loads of pics because  I knew there would be many with ‘camera shake’ as I’m not as steady as I used to be. Yes – I do use a tripod at times but I found the results, in this instance, didn’t justify all the messing about.

I’m still learning to use this camera and am experimenting with both the Macro setting and the zoom lens. I never use  flash.


I love doing a bit of ‘post production’ on my photos and use the ‘soft focus’ on my Paintshop Pro quite often when I think it will suit the subject.  I also tried doing some background gradients in different colours, but they lost a bit of the drama.

Your comments or advice/experience is always very welcome …..

see you soon,    Eileen

Photo Art


When I can’t find fresh inspiration I sometimes go back and have look through my photo library to see what I could have a bit of fun with. I love using my Paintshop Pro to get creative and try out different effects.

Tulips have a lovely sculptural quality to them and I experimented with ‘Gradients’  using the Flood Fill tool on the image background. I’m quite pleased with the results.

grI thought the Rose needed something a bit softer …..

bye for now     Eileen