• Shades of White

    Shades of White

    This is my second attempt at posting this – very frustrating as I’d done the whole thing and even posted it, but there was a long, long blank insert on it that I couldn’t get rid of. So I had to delete it all …. apologies to anyone who’d already viewed it!!  Let’s hope this…

  • Still Life with Contrasts

    Still Life with Contrasts

    Doing my favourite thing – Still Life. This one is all about contrasts – of shapes, colours, and textures. I thought the portrait format suited the tall pot. This image is also about repeating curves. I placed this group slightly to the left and brought the orange peel forward to add a bit more depth…

  • Still Life

    Still Life

    I used to paint a lot and my favourite subject was Still Life, so I accumulated a lot of pots, vases, china and objects that I picked up from charity shops to use to that end. When I downsized three years ago I had to get rid of most, but kept my favourites.Now I find…

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