• Same Walk, Different Pics

    Same Walk, Different Pics

    This is the first lady angler that I’ve seen at the lake! Fortunately she very kindly said she didn’t mind me taking her photo.  The sun was streaming across the lake behind her – back-lighting and high-lighting herself and the trees either side of her.  Perfect! This single leaf also posed perfectly for me ….…

  • Leafy Captures

    Leafy Captures

    I have the utmost confidence in saying that everybody loves Autumn [ I think !! Lol]. I went over to the Pond especially to seek out leaves that have changed to their autumn glory. There were quite a few that had got caught up among other trees and shrubs on their way to the ground,…

  • Green and Red

    Green and Red

    It’s marvelous how God has designed and inbuilt every species of life with stored information in the genes/DNA to pass on its characteristics to future generations. This has enabled breeders of the Heuchera plant to produce a wonderful variety of leaves and I have several in my garden. They have also crossed Heucheras with Tiarellas and produced the…

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