Pond Pics [cont]


Puppy 2

I enjoy chatting to the people I meet over at the Pond and I came across a chap with this little Jack Russell puppy.  He was sitting on a bench and the little puppy was just lying there enjoying the sunshine and completely ignoring the many geese/ducks that were near the water’s edge  – all was peace and harmony . The gentleman said it would be ok for me to take their photographs  and so the fist two pics are ‘en repose’ .

A young lady came along with , would you believe it, another Jack Russell – this one all growed up!  Well – talk about excited – that little pup went absolutely wild with delight … the other doggie didn’t seem to feel quite the same way however – but he good humouredly tolerated the little chap.  How I managed to get any non blurry shots I just don’t know [ LOL – I’ve yet to learn the settings on my camera for fast-moving subjects.]

After the poor girl rescued her dog [she was with child and also on a bike!]  I got chatting with her. The Gentleman was no help whatsoever I’m sorry to say – s’pose he thought that’s just what puppies do.  Anyway – next I looked, the puppy was tearing around like a little greyhound and scaring all the wildlife into the lake …..  still – he was very sweet , as puppies always are.

Hope you enjoy the following pics ….

Man and dogs



dogs 2

dogs 3




This is the lovely lady  …..



 bye for now – more to come ,  Eileen


Doggie Photo Shoot


I spent a lovely afternoon with friends a couple of days ago. As I don’t drive, they chauffered me and took me to their home for a cuppa first and then on to the local garden centre. They have a lovely little patio cum cottage garden and two large but very gentle doggies. Of course I took my camera along and I was in my element snapping away.


Inevitably with indoor shots there is a lot of ‘cluttered’ background – I use the term loosely as it isn’t untidy , merely ‘lived in’ . So I like to either soften around the main subject or sometimes it needs a bit of ‘cloning’.  I have to do ‘selections’ i.e. draw around things to isolate them first, but it doesn’t have to be precise so usually it’s no problem. I used to try to be much more accurate and there are several tools to use. I’ve discovered through trial and error though that it’s not all that complicated.


Because I take my photos on the highest quality my camera will allow, the images take cropping well with no loss of detail etc.  I hope ya’ll like the results anyway.


The eyes have it !

My next blog will have the flower pics I took in my friends garden.  See you soon ….