Doggie Photo Shoot


I spent a lovely afternoon with friends a couple of days ago. As I don’t drive, they chauffered me and took me to their home for a cuppa first and then on to the local garden centre. They have a lovely little patio cum cottage garden and two large but very gentle doggies. Of course I took my camera along and I was in my element snapping away.


Inevitably with indoor shots there is a lot of ‘cluttered’ background – I use the term loosely as it isn’t untidy , merely ‘lived in’ . So I like to either soften around the main subject or sometimes it needs a bit of ‘cloning’.  I have to do ‘selections’ i.e. draw around things to isolate them first, but it doesn’t have to be precise so usually it’s no problem. I used to try to be much more accurate and there are several tools to use. I’ve discovered through trial and error though that it’s not all that complicated.


Because I take my photos on the highest quality my camera will allow, the images take cropping well with no loss of detail etc.  I hope ya’ll like the results anyway.


The eyes have it !

My next blog will have the flower pics I took in my friends garden.  See you soon ….