• Cream Abundance

    This is a rose I have in my patio garden. I took the pic indoors some time ago with the rose laid on a small mirror and with a white background. I thought I would refresh it with a coloured background for a more ‘artistic’ look. It’s so nice to be able to share my…

  • My Photo Comeback

    I’m so pleased to be back with my hobby after a couple of testing years…. had nasty fall that needed hip replacement , followed by two cataract operations last year. The mince pies [ cockney slang] had made photography pretty much useless as I couldn’t judge the sharpness of anything. It was all very frustrating…

  • Sunset

    Life happens and when it does it can change everything -especially comfortable habits and routines. So it is that my regular photography hobby has been on the back burner for ages , without much chance of getting back into the swing! However, I made myself grab my old Stylus camera to take an auto shot…

  • More of the Same, but Different

    More of the Same, but Different

    I don’t think I’ve ever come across such an interesting tree before! As it appears to be native to swampy areas of N.America, I wonder how it came to be here in Sussex at the Ifield Mill Pond and Bewbush Water Gardens?  I wonder if, like the Tilgate Lake and Park, the place was originally…

  • Bald Cypress [Taxodium distichum]

    Bald Cypress [Taxodium distichum]

    I’ve often wondered about this tree that I’ve passed every time I’ve walked around the local lake. I obviously haven’t caught it at its most spectacular up until now!  When I got back home I took the time to search on line for its name but of course, it wasn’t showing up in any British…

  • Tulips and Other Flowers

    Tulips and Other Flowers

    I like the drama of a black background, it seems to make the colours more vibrant …. the light is just from a small window. variation on the theme …. That’s all for now folks, thank you for your visits and ‘likes’ – they are much appreciated. See you again soon I hope,  Eileen

  • Catching Up

    I must admit I was quite shocked to see how many months have gone by since I last posted here – so now I must catch up and will start with some Hawthorn blossom. I went over to the Pond last week , but it was very cold and very lean pickings for any water birds…

  • The Ifield Mill

    The Ifield Mill

    Here are some more pics from my visit to the Mill. I’ve converted this one to a black and white image – it seems to suit this old Mill which dates back to the 1840’s. However – the first mention of a mill in Ifield was in 1274.  I can’t quite make out from the Brochure…

  • Macroland


    I’m loving using my new camera and lens and the hours fly by as I get lost in my happy Macroland. Been experimenting a bit with back-lighting etc.  – all indoors of course! These are pics of a shrub rose called Rhapsody in Blue that’s growing in my patio garden. Friends bought it for me…

  • Macro Spree – part two

    Macro Spree – part two

    More to come ….. well – I said it was a spree!  Eileen

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