Designed From Above



The peacock feather must be among the most beautiful of God’s creations – so obviously an intelligent ‘design’ , full of colour and grace. I was so pleased when my daughter presented me with some superb ones for my birthday.

I used my Olympus OM-DE 10 camera with 60mm macro lens attached.  I played around in my PSP for a bit of drama by adding a vignette.




The last one is one of those rare occasions when adding water drops doesn’t necessarily enhance the subject, I think maybe it makes the overall effect too fussy – but no matter it’s here anyway for your opinion!

God bless,   Eileen



Green and Red


Leafy Layers

It’s marvelous how God has designed and inbuilt every species of life with stored information in the genes/DNA to pass on its characteristics to future generations. This has enabled breeders of the Heuchera plant to produce a wonderful variety of leaves and I have several in my garden. They have also crossed Heucheras with Tiarellas and produced the ‘Heucherella’ which is a very pretty smaller plant. Now, in our technological age, it seems anything is possible and a great benefit – as long as it’s kept within the boundaries that God has graciously set for us.


Simply Red








Green and Red

See ya’ll again soon I hope DV   Eileen


Macro Spree

Softly Lilac

I’m really excited to have a new macro lens for my new camera! So – I went on an indoor macro spree.  I’d bought some fluffy feathers from a craft shop and tried spraying some water drops on them. This took a bit of time in itself as the water flattened the feathers down somewhat. It’s marvelous how the droplets stay put and God created feathers, skin etc to be waterproof!



Purple Haze

Deep Purple

Purple Drop

Another post will follow showing less ‘abstracty’ pics …. see you soon   Eileen



I recently upgraded to an Olympus OM-D E-M10 camera with a kit lens, but really wanted a macro lens, as that is where my interest lies for my flower subjects. However-  the lenses can be as expensive [ or even more] than the actual camera , so I’ve been trying to justify the outlay.  It’s not as if I’m earning my living from photography – it is only a hobby after all  –  but I can’t help hankering after getting the best pics I can.  Then I remembered my birthday is coming up, so that is my justification for buying it  … there – that’s made me feel better !


The image above is part of my learning process in how to handle this beautiful, neat lens. The thing I like most is its light weight – so good for arthritic hands.  I’d read reviews which were very good, but there were the odd few that mentioned the difficulty of the lens finding its focus. However –  now I’ve tried it out, I think that may be because there are several settings/options to choose from and you need to use the right one for the situation of course.

So – as you can see from the image – ideally it would have been nice to get that main water droplet in sharp focus   – but Lol – let’s pretend that was my intention ! It’s a huge learning curve for me as I need to get my head around choosing and adjusting my camera settings for the best results, which can become stressful and frustrating if I let it. I’ve never been good at maths [ can you be maths dyslexic?] and that hasn’t improved with age I can tell you ….

The instructions that came with my lens, as usual with cameras/lenses these days, is extremely sparse and unhelpful. So I’ve had to search on line again for help. I managed to find really clear info about the lens settings and what to use for what, so I’m truly grateful for that.

Line Up

This image is slightly more successful I think.  I did a crop on both pics, and they seem to have survived that quite well.  I’m looking forward to more practise and creativity –  maybe outdoors – although it seems a tripod is essential. That’s ok in my little garden, but not practical for me if I go out and about.

I would truly appreciate any helpful suggestions or to hear of your own learning experiences  – also, if this site will let you – feel free to show your own macro pics.

bye for now,   Eileen

Still Life of Course!

Trug & Jug

Been stuck indoors a lot lately but amused myself with setting up some more still life subjects. The trug and especially the brown jug have been favourites of mine from way back – I like the ‘rustic’ look and feel of them.

It seems that there are people out there who haven’t heard of, or known about ‘trugs’.  I believe they are unique to Sussex ? so generally called ‘Sussex trugs'[obviously Lol]  I love the shape and sturdiness of them.  This one is a mini size, but the full-size ones can be really quite large. Very useful too. The only drawback is that they can also be expensive – that must have been why I settled for a mini one at the time!  But I’m glad I did because it’s ideal for a table-top still life set-up.

Still Life 2

This second shot, although much the same, has a nice glow from the orange onto the nut which I hadn’t noticed when I was actually taking the photograph. The not-so-good point is that the handle is full on and sort of blocking entry into the picture.


It happens to be my birthday today and my lovely daughter took me out on HER birthday a few days ago and bought me this beautiful orchid. I complemented it by buying myself the mini one. Together with the oriental gentleman taking tea, I thought they would make a nice harmonious still life group, so out came the camera. I thought the colours went well together and added a border to finish it off.


Not sure that this one completely ‘worked’ but I cut out the tall orchid [ not because I didn’t like it but wanted to experiment a bit] and made a more compact group.  It meant using my Paintshop Pro software to crop out the other orchid and erase the stalks and sticks etc and boy – did that take a long time and a lot of doing! Anyway – I hope my perseverance was worth it … not sure about the two large leaves though – a bit like bunny rabbit ears – but I tried to make them less obtrusive by fading and softening somewhat. The thing is, you can’t overdo these things because it can end up looking too artificial.

The main thing is that I had a lot of fun doing it and I’m always learning new things, which is a good thing at my age!

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Minimal Still Life


Blue & Orange2

I’ve been picking up tips about lighting for my still life subjects and decided to try using a couple of Led lamps that I nearly got rid of. They turned out to be useless for me in the living room as they weren’t bright enough. However – they are just what I need for taking photos. My ‘studio’ is a table top and I also make use of a light tent – which is simply a fabric cube about 16″ square.

Blue & Orange



Stand Off

See you soon,   Eileen



Still Life

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI used to paint a lot and my favourite subject was Still Life, so I accumulated a lot of pots, vases, china and objects that I picked up from charity shops to use to that end. When I downsized three years ago I had to get rid of most, but kept my favourites.Now I find that I’m enjoying setting them out to photograph and trying out different lighting and effects. This is especially useful as I find it difficult to get out and about as much as I would like to and the garden hasn’t much inspiration to offer at the moment.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn these examples I’ve softened the backgrounds and used a darkened vignette, as well as cropped the originals, which I hope has enhanced the pics ….


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI hope to be posting more frequently in future – but then, I know I’ve said that before … well, I’m full of good intentions ain’t I?      Eileen


Five Marbles

In my ‘artistic’ days when I did a lot of painting in water colour and oils, the subject I enjoyed most was Still Life. So, in the times that I’ve exhausted garden stuff to photograph, and when there are no ‘hoomans’ to hand, I turn to setting up objects indoors to get creative with.  It’s essential not to have a distracting background, and in the absence of a proper studio, I bought a small Light Tent some years ago that came with a couple of spotlights and several different colour cloth backgrounds. It easily sets up on a table top, but I need to sort out my little ‘office’ so that I don’t have to keep setting up and dismantling every time I need to use it. I still have stuff to dispose of since downsizing.


Anyway – back to today’s offering:  I have some marbles ‘donated’ by my grandchildren which I’ve photographed a few times before.

Four Marbles

I placed some on a mirror tile and eventually managed to get them to stop rolling around …. what a palaver!

Marbles again

I guess it’s just been an exercise in using shapes, reflections and lighting. I do love a bit of sparkle, don’t you?   Eileen

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Rain Drops



What I love about Sedums is the way rain drops collect and stay put on the leaves  – so convenient for taking photographs. The plant has fleshy, succulent stems and leaves and as it’s clump-forming it makes  it very easy to control and also to propagate. I found out by accident that if a stem breaks off  you can just stick it in the ground and it will grow into another plant …. even better – you can give them to your friends [if they want them].

So, after the downpour the other day, I saw the sedum covered in bright droplets, looking like little jewels with the sun shining on them.  My photos don’t really do justice to what I saw as they can’t completely capture the beauty of God’s creation. Just shows you though what marvelous inbuilt lenses He gave us !


In spite of the monochrome colouring, the sculptural quality of the plant makes it really interesting [at least, to me] and it wasn’t until I uploaded the pics to my laptop that I saw the ‘debris’ in the close up shots of the single raindrops.


Then I had a go at isolating a green droplet against a black and white leaf and stems. I love my Paintshop Pro software! Always found it easier to fathom out than Photoshop – cheaper to buy too….

Black & white

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New Arrivals



Meadow Brown

For weeks I’ve been bemoaning the fact that I haven’t had any butterflies in my garden  – well today there have been several fluttering about and even resting long enough for me to take some pics.  I think this particular lot are called Gatekeeper [Pyronia tithonus] because they have twin black eyespots with white pupils on their forewing. Anyway – I only know that because I did a google search!  I’m delighted – especially as I’m getting more used to using the zoom on my camera instead of the macro setting [which I still haven’t figured out!].

I amused myself no end cropping and trying to be generally more ‘artistic’ without it looking too artificial  … BUT – I do try to get the best pics I can ‘in camera’ as is always recommended.  I tend to take loads of shots and discard the majority as many of them are almost the same –  it’s just a matter of choosing the best of the bunch. It’s been a bit on the windy side today, so as well as the butterflies and bees being on the move all the time – so are the plants they land upon unfortunately.


I’ve deliberately kept some images high key to reflect the beautiful sunny weather  – although I appreciate some butterflies suit a bit of drama more.

With Sedum

Even though this Sedum isn’t in flower yet, the butterflies are obviously attracted to it. I’m fortunate in having several Sedums which I love – especially this dark red variety called Purple Emperor.

Butterfly & sedum

I’m looking forward to posting some photos I took  through the window during a downpour yesterday.  I was going to post them today but the butterflies took priority!

see you soon,    Eileen