Rhapsody in Blue

This rose is called ‘Rhapsody in Blue’, although in truth it is more a magenta/purple colour.  The buds start off a deep magenta and then change to purple, lilac, and an almost grey/lilac as it fades. It was much too windy to photograph outdoors so I set it up indoors and spent a couple of happy hours taking photos and then trying out various crops and effects.

I decided I would put a droplet of ‘rain’ on the petals but after it wouldn’t stay where I wanted it to, I just let it fall where it may.

Deep Forest

I quite liked this ‘effect’ which is called ‘Deep Forest’  it gives it a depth of colour with a more hazy look.


This is a more ‘faded’ bloom which I set on a mirror tile …

see you next time with another rose,   Eileen