Macro Spree

Softly Lilac

I’m really excited to have a new macro lens for my new camera! So – I went on an indoor macro spree.  I’d bought some fluffy feathers from a craft shop and tried spraying some water drops on them. This took a bit of time in itself as the water flattened the feathers down somewhat. It’s marvelous how the droplets stay put and God created feathers, skin etc to be waterproof!



Purple Haze

Deep Purple

Purple Drop

Another post will follow showing less ‘abstracty’ pics …. see you soon   Eileen

Tulip Portrait

Pink Tulip

I love the sculptural quality of tulips because they make such clean, simple images … you can’t go wrong really, can you? I find this type of flower lends itself well to using a black background. Removing a petal allowed the stamen etc to be photographed from the front instead of from above.

Inner World

One of the challenges of photography is to present something that is a common and favourite subject for photographers in a fresh way – otherwise it can be a case of ‘if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all’.  As with all ‘Art’ – in the end it’s all about Ideas.

From Above


Water Drops

Could have been a little bit sharper, but I quite liked the softer look – a bit more dreamy perhaps ….

Tulip Trio

That’s all for now folks, see you again soon I hope.  Your ‘likes’ and comments are always very appreciated,    Eileen



I recently upgraded to an Olympus OM-D E-M10 camera with a kit lens, but really wanted a macro lens, as that is where my interest lies for my flower subjects. However-  the lenses can be as expensive [ or even more] than the actual camera , so I’ve been trying to justify the outlay.  It’s not as if I’m earning my living from photography – it is only a hobby after all  –  but I can’t help hankering after getting the best pics I can.  Then I remembered my birthday is coming up, so that is my justification for buying it  … there – that’s made me feel better !


The image above is part of my learning process in how to handle this beautiful, neat lens. The thing I like most is its light weight – so good for arthritic hands.  I’d read reviews which were very good, but there were the odd few that mentioned the difficulty of the lens finding its focus. However –  now I’ve tried it out, I think that may be because there are several settings/options to choose from and you need to use the right one for the situation of course.

So – as you can see from the image – ideally it would have been nice to get that main water droplet in sharp focus   – but Lol – let’s pretend that was my intention ! It’s a huge learning curve for me as I need to get my head around choosing and adjusting my camera settings for the best results, which can become stressful and frustrating if I let it. I’ve never been good at maths [ can you be maths dyslexic?] and that hasn’t improved with age I can tell you ….

The instructions that came with my lens, as usual with cameras/lenses these days, is extremely sparse and unhelpful. So I’ve had to search on line again for help. I managed to find really clear info about the lens settings and what to use for what, so I’m truly grateful for that.

Line Up

This image is slightly more successful I think.  I did a crop on both pics, and they seem to have survived that quite well.  I’m looking forward to more practise and creativity –  maybe outdoors – although it seems a tripod is essential. That’s ok in my little garden, but not practical for me if I go out and about.

I would truly appreciate any helpful suggestions or to hear of your own learning experiences  – also, if this site will let you – feel free to show your own macro pics.

bye for now,   Eileen

Mothers Day Flowers

Pink RoseI always look forward to receiving flowers on special occasions for obvious reasons.  Roses, of course, are a classic subject for photographing against a black background, so here are my offerings ….

Pink Rose 2

Pink Rose 4

Pink Rose 3

Please feel free to leave a comment or constructive criticism – it’s always nice to hear other people’s take on things.   till next time,   Eileen

Lone Ranger

Breakfast Still Life

My favourite subject when I used to paint was Still Life and that seems to be what I like to do best with my camera too.  Sometimes I thrash around for ideas and sometimes a lone object just pops into my head and I begin to plan what the eventual picture will be. I was trying to think of something that would be more minimalistic and an Egg seemed ideal. The first image presents it in the context of food we eat for breakfast. To make it less boring, I thought I would try balancing a little white feather on top and this pic came after a couple of attempts. Because I’d taken it from the fridge the shell began to get a bit moist and so when I dropped the feather this time it got caught at an angle – oh goody!

Lone Ranger

This is a much more minimalistic picture and more true to the idea I started out with.  Hope you like it ….  it’s forcing me to experiment more with lighting my subjects and I’ve learnt the hard way how highlights can glare and look ‘burnt out’, and as my room is very, very bright I’m learning to adjust my camera’s exposure settings to compensate. I’m really hankering after getting a CSC – which I may have mentioned before – they come under various names – Compact System Cameras, four-thirds cameras, mirrorless cameras et al.  The thing that appeals to me is that they are lighter to hold than DSLRs and have separate lenses. It’s a bit scary for me, but I get a bit frustrated with my present cameras’  limitations [good as they have been for me]  and I would love to learn to use a proper Macro lens.

That’s all for this post folks, see you soon dv,   Eileen


Just Having a Stretch

Just Having a Stretch

Took another stroll around the Ifield Pond the other day and was so pleased to see all the water birds were back.

This lovely Swan came from far across the lake – could he really see me from there? well he must have done cos he made a beeline straight for me …   He must have thought I had bread for him I guess, but alas I didn’t. I was standing on a little bank where the water was quite shallow and he came right up to the edge. I thought he would soon leave again but to my delighted surprise he stayed and decided to do his ablutions.

I'm the Boss!

I’m the Boss!

Who's a Pretty Boy?

Who’s a Pretty Boy?





Hope you enjoy looking at the pics as much as I enjoyed taking them, [everyone seems to say that] ….  I’m hoping the weather will stay nice for longer so that I can get more pics.  I may be posting some ‘scenery’ tomorrow as I took loads of the trees and woody areas around the lake too.

Have a lovely day everyone, see you soon,   Eileen


My favourite daisy

My favourite daisy

Anthemis 2

Anthemis 4



Coreopsis 2

Coreopsis 3

Hope you enjoy looking – I had a lovely time photographing them and getting a bit ‘artistic’ too.

see you again soon dv   Eileen