Time for a Stroll


I was feeling very fed up  last friday afternoon so on the spur of the moment , and believe me – I am not a ‘spontaneous’ person by any means,  I decided to take a stroll down to The Pond again.  It was a glorious, warm, sunny day to take advantage of ….

I felt well rewarded when I came across this Heron.  Usually I’ve just been able to make him out in the distance, across the other  side of the lake.  He was still a fair distance from me , as you can see from the second image, so I used the little zoom on my camera for this one – risking a bit of camera shake in the process.

With a little bit of tweaking in my Paintshop Pro, I think it’s turned out ok. Sometimes when I see all the wonderfully sharp close up pics taken by other photographers here, I lament my lack of ‘equipment’ and camera expertise. But even if I had them, physical limitations would prevent me using them I think.  I really must get my son to take me to Parks Camera shop in Burgess Hill so that I can talk to an ‘expert’ and try handling cameras!

Oh dear,  I fear I’m waffling a bit …. but truly, this is something that keeps cropping up for me and I never do anything about. I could leave the planet before I ever do !  Comments are always most welcome here [ NB. I’ve been trying to learn how to attract more ‘traffic’ to my blogs recently] , and also your constructive criticism of my photographic efforts.  I know there are  web sites and forums where you can submit your work, but I get defeated by the technical know how – ha ha – the attention span is decreasing with age  lol.  Till next time then ,   Eileen

Distant Heron


Thought I’d throw in these as an afterthought ….


Feeding the ducks

Enjoying the Sunshine


As it was a bright and sunny day and I was stuck indoors doing nothing in particular, I decided to take a stroll down to the Ifield Pond again.  Although the scenery is much the same [although changing with the seasons of course], at least the wildlife activity varies and there’s always something different to see.

Disappointingly I’m a bit late to catch the ducklings in baby stage – they look more like teenagers, but there still seems to be a lot of courting going on.

This is a particularly nice little area, favoured by the ducks and geese because people park their cars by the roadside nearby and come especially to feed them. In fact I got slightly wary of one particular large Canada Goose who approached me – I think he though my little camera was something to eat and was waiting patiently for me to throw it for him.

This very handsome drake ‘posed’ for me , but I took the pics as much for the interesting water as any ducks on it.  I confess to doing a bit of enhancing to the colour, as the sun was so bright and sparkly on the water, and what with the reflections of the overhead trees – it was beautiful to see, but hard to capture. I liked the somewhat hazy appearance.


Let me now introduce the Goose ….080

Another Walk



Went for another walk to the same lakeside with a friend yesterday.  Happened to see this little chap along the way. He stayed for ages [observing us I guess]  so I was able to take my time getting shots of him.



I hadn’t realised till I uploaded this from my camera that this little laddie had an acorn in his beak. It was originally a shot of another duck to the right, so the image isn’t as sharp as it might have bee.

049So – this is the chappie I was really taking the shot of…..

bye for now,   Eileen


Ifield pond

What Swans Do

What Swans Do

I feel as if I’ve been a bit AWOL as I haven’t posted for such a long time! The result is I’m now having to re-learn how to post images again.  It’s taking me twice as long to get the hang of re-sizing etc, but I hope this will all come out right!

Since downsizing to my new flat I’ve been exploring the area and I’m within walking distance of the Ifield Pond [it’s more of a lake really].

I was fortunate enough to spy on a couple of swans grooming themselves in the sunshine. I only have a small camera [Canon Powershot SX240HS] but it has quite a good zoom lens [if I can keep the camera steady], so I was able to avoid letting the swans see me.

I got a couple of amusing shots that I thought I’d share here …

sooo laid back

sooo laid back

Wakehurst Place,Sussex


I don’t get out and about very much, so it was a really nice photo opportunity  when my good friends, Jean & Harry, took me to Wakehurst Place for the day. It has a little Mansion , beautiful grounds and several ponds/lakes etc.  These are just some of the pics to give a flavour…..




See you soon …..    Eileen

Sunny Weekend



I’m not sure what this little fella is  –  moorhen perhaps?  There – I should have looked it up before posting  …..


He’s a handsome chap ain’t he?


From a compositional point of view, I guess the squirrel maybe too central … I dunno , I know the rules but I can’t always follow them!

Wild Life


For the first time in years I went away for a long weekend break . My family treated me to a Centre parc hol with them for the Bank holiday. It was wonderful to have a change of scenery and the opportunity to use my new camera on the wildlife . I was keen to try out the longer zoom lens on it and I was not disappointed.  This lovely Jay came to visit the chalet , plus lots of ducks and squirrels.



As a footnote …. I must say here that I inadvertantly deleted all my previous Post  images  and I don’t think I can retreive them. So – as there’s no point in having the text without the pics, it looks like I’ll have to delete everything and start again from scratch. I’m currently seeking advice on the Forum but I don’t hold out much hope !! Any suggestions here therefore will be most welcome ….   Eileen