• Tulips and Other Flowers

    Tulips and Other Flowers

    I like the drama of a black background, it seems to make the colours more vibrant …. the light is just from a small window. variation on the theme …. That’s all for now folks, thank you for your visits and ‘likes’ – they are much appreciated. See you again soon I hope,  Eileen

  • Birthday Flowers

    Birthday Flowers

    Well, would you believe it – I celebrated my 80th Birthday recently ! I have very mixed feelings about that …. but I had some truly lovely gifts and lots of flowers. Flowers, for me, are not something to simply leave in a vase  – I love to let myself loose with my camera on them. Macro…

  • Shell Abstracts

    Shell Abstracts

    A few pics of my adventures into my  shell macro world :   Technically, getting the focus right in macro is always a bit tricky [ I’m still learning what my lens can do]  and I know that really patient photographers do ‘focus stacking’ – taking many shots with different focal points and then merging…

  • Pearlised Shells

    Pearlised Shells

    I love shells – especially the ‘pearlised’ ones. Not living by the sea-side or in an otherwise exotic place , I have to buy mine from shops. As these are invariably located at the sea-side too, there’s not much chance of me adding to my collection. Of course I can shop on line for them,…

  • White on White

    White on White

    I haven’t posted here for a couple of weeks or so, as my time seems to be taken up more with my Flickr and Viewbug pages. But the future plan is to pare back a bit.  As I get older I can easily get overwhelmed with all the available outlets and info that our on-line…

  • Teasels


    Better late than never – so here are my belated Teasel pics. Taken over the Pond. In my ‘flower arranging’ days when I entered lots of competitions, teasels were a great favourite – especially at Christmas time when they looked  great sprayed silver or gold. I don’t think I’ve ever caught them when they first…

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