• Catching Up(again)

    Catching Up(again)

    Yet again I find myself having to catch up with my postings here as I’ve been somewhat distracted with other things. Fortunately [for me, not necessarily you] I haven’t neglected my photography because that is the thing that keeps me happy and sane , together with the good Lord’s gracious care of me…. So, this…

  • Black & White

    Black & White

    In looking back over the pics I’ve posted here, I realised to my surprise, that I’ve never done a post solely of my black and white images. So, as I’ve recently gathered some black & white and infrared pics into their own folder on my computer, it seems a logical follow- on to post some…

  • Tulips and Other Flowers

    Tulips and Other Flowers

    I like the drama of a black background, it seems to make the colours more vibrant …. the light is just from a small window. variation on the theme …. That’s all for now folks, thank you for your visits and ‘likes’ – they are much appreciated. See you again soon I hope,  Eileen

  • Designed From Above

    Designed From Above

      The peacock feather must be among the most beautiful of God’s creations – so obviously an intelligent ‘design’ , full of colour and grace. I was so pleased when my daughter presented me with some superb ones for my birthday. I used my Olympus OM-DE 10 camera with 60mm macro lens attached.  I played…

  • Roses and Orchids

    Roses and Orchids

    It was my Birthday and Mothers’ Day in quick succession this year , so I had lots of flowers, of which these are a sampling,  to keep me happy with my camera ! As they are all ‘cultivated’ florist flowers/plants, I can’t give their botanical names – only that they are Roses and Orchids –…

  • Catching Up!

    Catching Up!

    After a long absence from My Photo Blog, but not my camera, I’ve quite a bit of catching up to do here! I thought I would start with some pics taken with my new Lensbaby Composer Pro 35mm. I’ve found it difficult to get the hang of, but when I get it right I’m very…

  • Love-in-a-Mist


    For some reason or other my energy levels seem to have taken an upward turn recently – maybe it’s the effect of the lovely sunshine we’ve been having or the fact that my frequent ailments seem to have spent themselves for a while  …. not only that – the garden has suddenly come to life…

  • Shades of White

    Shades of White

    This is my second attempt at posting this – very frustrating as I’d done the whole thing and even posted it, but there was a long, long blank insert on it that I couldn’t get rid of. So I had to delete it all …. apologies to anyone who’d already viewed it!!  Let’s hope this…

  • Birthday Flowers

    Birthday Flowers

    Well, would you believe it – I celebrated my 80th Birthday recently ! I have very mixed feelings about that …. but I had some truly lovely gifts and lots of flowers. Flowers, for me, are not something to simply leave in a vase  – I love to let myself loose with my camera on them. Macro…

  • Stitch


    These pics were my interpretation of a Flickr macro theme called ‘Stitch’.  They are of a lovely Christmas table runner that I bought a few years back….. On the last one I added a ‘glow’ effect called deep forest which I thought rather suited this embroidered leaf. I used to love doing embroidery myself in my…

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