My Photo Comeback

I’m so pleased to be back with my hobby after a couple of testing years…. had nasty fall that needed hip replacement , followed by two cataract operations last year. The mince pies [ cockney slang] had made photography pretty much useless as I couldn’t judge the sharpness of anything. It was all very frustrating , especially as I’m rather housebound still. But the Lord is good and I’ve had to learn to be patient and occupy with other things, and the eyesight is much improved.

However – there’s light on the horizon as I’m working out convenient ways to set up subjects nearby instead of in my spare room – I find the bending about a bit too much to cope with now. I never was a dedicated landscape photographer , preferring still life and macro in my old age. I’m also not good at the techy stuff and it’s all a bit of chore having to relearn the menus on my Olympus camera. But I think I’m getting there …. and I thought I would post a couple of pics that I really enjoyed doing.


On a walk with my son I spotted a couple of branches on the ground that were covered in several different kinds of Lichen. I’m amazed at the variety of colours, shapes and textures of these tiny plants/ fungi – all proof to me of the existence of an intelligent designer – the God of the Bible. Indeed the Bible tells us that mankind is without excuse when they see God’s hand all around them. I was once a foolish atheist myself : ‘ The fool has said in his heart ” there is no God”. ‘

Pink Tulip

This tulip was a bit of a curiosity because it had a half leaf/ half petal on the stem. I once had a double- headed tulip which I think I would have posted a picture of here some time ago….I’ll have to go and have a browse methinks….

Bye for now , Eileen


3 responses to “My Photo Comeback”

  1. So glad you are back. I miss your still life compositions. Here’s wishing you a speedy and successful recovery.

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    1. Bless you David – thank you so much

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  2. Two very beautiful images, Eileen. So glad you’re back to picture-taking. Thank you for sharing these with us!


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