It’s Been A Long Time!

I hadn’t realised how long it’s been since I last posted anything here. My only excuse is that ‘Life’ intervened and I seemed to have so much to cope all at the same time, which depleted my energy – even for taking pictures.

So, over the last few months I took the occasional photo but couldn’t do any post processing or tidying up. But maybe the spring weather has brightened me up as I’ve slowly started to gather myself with the good Lord’s help to take new pics and pp the older ones…. hope you like them!

I don’t mind constructive criticism from anyone, as often a fresh eye can see things that you can’t and we are always learning in life aren’t we – no matter what age we are! Sometimes there may be nothing particularly wrong with an image and it just comes down to personal taste and preference – there is no right or wrong – just personal opinion – but that can still be useful at times … so I thank you for your interest.

Be My Guest

This may not be the most technically correct and sharp photo , but I’ve posted it for the amusement I got from watching this huge crow bring a large chunk of bread, [thrown from someone’s window who lives in the same block of flats that I live in] to the bird bath I have in my little patio garden and dunk it in the water, look at it for a little while, and then peck it into smaller bits to eat. I thought that was very clever … but it did leave me with a lot of cleaning up of the water to do – after all – who wants to bath in a load of soggy breadcrumbs?

He did the same for several days. I wonder if the ‘Lock down’ has interrupted his benefactor’s supply?


2 Comments on “It’s Been A Long Time!”

  1. David says:

    Well I can tell you exactly how long it has been … too long.

    I’ve had the exact same problem with crows this spring. Someone giving them hamburger buns which they bring to my bird bath and leave the bath totally disgusting. What’s worse is a couple of times I’ve seen it bring a dead mouse or similar small animal to “clean” in the bird bath. Every time I see a crow on the bird bath or anywhere in the yard I chase it away, but I’m not sure that is doing much to discourage it/them.

    I have cardinals, robins, various sparrows, and house finches that frequent the bird bath so I’m trying my hardest to make the crow understand it is not welcome.

    My best wishes for you to get back to level of activity that allows you to do the things you enjoy.

    P.S. My two cents is I would crop the photo at the top edge of the horizontal board above the crow. This would remove that red and blue/green item which pulls my eye away from the crow. It would also create a nice frame for the crow: the horizontal lines of the board on top and the horizontal line of the bird bath below and the vertical boards on the left an right edges of the photo.


    • Hi David – thank you so much for your comment and I really appreciate the helpful suggestion re- the framing of the crow – the item you mention is the bottom of a bird feeder, and your framing suggestion will improve the picture no end!


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