Macro Flowers

Much of my time is spent indoors and I love using cut flowers as my photographic subjects, sometimes in Still Life but mostly exploring them in macro.

I don’t think I’ve spoken much here about the cameras and lenses I use. Some years ago I decided to upgrade from the simple auto ‘point and shoot’ cameras I was using because , although they do take marvelous images, I wanted to achieve more. I was, and still am, an avid reader of helpful articles and tips – I wanted to learn all I could to develope my camera skills.

I asked for advice in a Parks camera shop what camera to start with and the Olympus Stylus1 was recommended, so that’s the one I went with. I couldn’t really afford to go for an all-out DSLR and lenses – too heavy for me anyway! So it was a matter of initially learning what I could with this camera before moving on when I felt ready to buy a camera with separate lenses.

As the Olympus Stylus had served me well [and I still use it for convenience when I’m out] I decided, mainly because of it’s light weight, to stay with Olympus. Started with Olympus OM-DE-10 and now learning to use the Olympus OM-DE-10 mk lll. My favourite lens is the 60mm macro – used for these shots.

The big nuisance for me though are the over-complicated menus , which, at my age and the accompanying tired and less efficient brain, are a pest to navigate and remember. I’m awful with the techy side of things and hope I can get by with the artistic side instead. [I learned about composition, colour,texture etc when I used to paint almost every day!] And now, over time, certain camera settings have become a habit with use and practice , so it’s easier to find things !

I often admire the work I see from other photographers and find myself looking at the equipment they use and it’s very tempting to think ‘if only I had the cameras and lenses they have, I could achieve so much more !’ But, as the saying goes ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’ and I’ve learned to be content with what I have and thank the Lord for His creative gifts … ha ha – there’s no way I’d have the strength to hold that heavy DSLR and goodness me – those Lenses !!!

Well, that’s all for now dear friends, hope I will have helped someone who may be just starting out on the same journey , Eileen


2 responses to “Macro Flowers”

  1. Years ago when I decided I wanted to move up from my shirt pocket point and shoot cameras to a interchangeable lens camera I did lots and lots of research. I knew my basics of photography with a film SLR but I had to figure out what a cropped sensor camera was, what did ASP-C mean, what was micro 4/3, etc.

    Then I started reading reviews, dozens of them, for both cameras and lenses. I spent about 2 years doing this because the more I read the more I learned I was going to spend more than I had originally thought and I needed to keep saving.

    One thing that continually showed up in the reviews was that the Olympus cameras and lenses were very good but their menus were a nightmare. I guess this is just a long winded way a saying it’s not just you that has a problem with the menus. Even the professionals have a problem with them. 🙂


    1. ha ha – it’s not just me then ! sometimes I wonder if I made the right choice but I’m stuck with it now. I just like to make my life as easy as poss – too many other stresses going on eg – I seem to keep having probs with WordPress lately; my comment replies not showing up here etc …. so here’s hoping! 😳😁


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