Busy Bees

I haven’t posted any pics for such a long time – I’m afraid ‘life’ intervenes – as it does for everybody of course, but it gets more frequent as you get older! It isn’t as if I’ve been completely inactive with my camera, for when I couldn’t get out and about, I still did indoor shots, but couldn’t sit long at my pc without getting migraines etc But, no matter, and you don’t want me to add my woes to your own!! I love my photography and thank the Lord every day for His gifts and it’s great to have this blog to share them on.

I also have my pics on Flick’r – if you are interested, just do a search for Flick’r Eileen Thompson and it should find me.

Anyway – I will endeavour to post more now ….


I’ll be posting some of my indoor macro pics next [I hope, Lol!] See you soon,and God bless you, Eileen


4 responses to “Busy Bees”

  1. Macro shots of nature are among my favourites! It’s amazing to see the small details in nature. Thanks for sharing these beautiful images!


    1. I’m not quite sure what’s going on with WordPress here because I did a previous reply to your lovely comment Mike but it isn’t showing up here now! So this is by way of testing to see if successful this time! 😳🤔


    2. Well, it looks like my replies are up and working again, so I’ll thank you again Mike for your lovely comment. I’m not sure if we’ve been in touch before, because coincidently,I see you have a family history blog re- Sainsbury and my Gt Grandmother was Elizabeth Sainsbury, daughter of John Sainsbury originally in Somerset! Are we related I wonder?🤔😊


  2. Very nice shots and I’m glad you up to posting again.


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