Festive Fun

I’ve been cheering myself up with some festive photography lately – hope you like them …. just a bit of festive fun !

Of course, the true meaning of Christmas is that God sent his Son into the world to redeem mankind and offer eternal life to those who believe in Him, not because we deserve it , but He reconciles us to Himself through His grace.

If I’m not back here before Christmas, I wish you many blessings,   Eileen


3 Comments on “Festive Fun”

  1. David says:

    I’m always happy to get an email that you have a new WP post because I admire your work so much. These table top set ups and photos and just too good. They could easily replace some of the cheesier art seen on Christmas and winter holiday cards. I think the last one (Santa) is so good in so many ways both for the staging and the photo. The lighting and depth of field really help to make it. I don’t know if Santa or the second mouse photo is my favorite (or anyone of a couple of others). As with Santa, the lighting and the depth of field help make the mouse photo too. The slightly out of focus deer tends to add a bit of interest and realism to what is obviously an artificial scene.

    As said in my earlier in response to your comments on my most recent post here’s wishing you the best for this holiday season and the coming new year.


    • You are always so very kind to me with your lovely comments David. The Santa is actually a candle and I took pics of it in readiness for a ‘theme’ on Flick’r for this saturday. The snowy ground is simply cotton wool and the ‘trees’ in the background is just white tinsel with a bit of coloured sparkle. It turned out to look better than I expected it to. It was lit by a small led desk lamp that I focused on the background.
      The background for the mouse is a pretty Christmas card I’d saved from last year as I couldn’t bear to chuck it away! Just mentioning it all here as it hopefully may give others ideas for their own creativity …. should’ve mentioned it in the main text I think!
      Happy Christmas my friend 🎄☃️

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