Catching Up(again)

Yet again I find myself having to catch up with my postings here as I’ve been somewhat distracted with other things. Fortunately [for me, not necessarily you] I haven’t neglected my photography because that is the thing that keeps me happy and sane , together with the good Lord’s gracious care of me….

So, this will be a miscellany of images – hope it doesn’t all seem too disjointed!


It was only after I peered at this flower through my macro lens that I saw this tiny caterpillar popping his head in and out! The flower is a small Jacob’s Ladder.


4b Jacob's Ladder

I enjoy photographing flowers more and more these days and often wish i could get to grips with using ‘Textures’ to enhance the backgrounds. Meanwhile I’m using the usual depth of field of my lenses to achieve, or try to, a softer background and sometimes the much sought after ‘Bokeh’. I haven’t a mathematical brain and age has brought with it less stamina and patience to make the required effort to achieve what I really want – but, c’est la vie ! It was much simpler when I used to paint – no tech involved!


This was shot against the light from the window in my living room – it’s south-facing and can get extremely bright. I like the bright dazzle of a high key picture though.

2a Daisy Bright

Another sparkly ….

2f soft Yellow Chrysanth

I loved the soft yellow of this Chrysanthemum ….

Take care everyone,   see you soon,   Eileen


10 Comments on “Catching Up(again)”

  1. David says:

    Nice to see you back. Not too long ago I checked your site to see if you had posted something I had missed. Very nice shots. I especially like the first high key photo. To me looks like a flower made of sugar with a bit of honey.

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    • Thank you David – you put me to shame with your loyalty , I fear I am not nearly as efficient in commenting on fellow friends’ posts as I used to be ! It’s not that I don’t look from time to time to see what you are up to – it’s that I try to do far too many things at once I think. I know – excuses, excuses! Please forgive my laziness (but I don’t know why you should) …. your posts, plus humour, are always a delight to read!

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  2. TinyJeremy says:

    Follow Tinyjeremycapurez


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