Shell Abstracts

A few pics of my adventures into my  shell macro world :






Technically, getting the focus right in macro is always a bit tricky [ I’m still learning what my lens can do]  and I know that really patient photographers do ‘focus stacking’ – taking many shots with different focal points and then merging them into one whole with everything sharp. However – I haven’t got that sort of concentration , not to mention the acquired back-ache from sitting too long at pc plus  I’m useless with Layers. But, on the other hand, I’m quite happy to have one spot in the image sharp[ish] with the softer areas leaving  a bit ‘mystery’. Normally, to get everything in focus I would use a higher f number but when using my macro lens – the higher the number, the more temperamental the camera gets.  Well- that’s the end of my excuses folks….

Hope to see you again tomorrow …. Eileen



7 Comments on “Shell Abstracts”

  1. David says:

    And they are all good excuses, I’ve used each one at least once myself. The last photo is my favorite.

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  2. ha ha – thanks David. The last one happens to be my least favourite, simply because it has a somewhat ‘sinister’ look to it !

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  3. I love the “sinister” look 🙂

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  4. Ilze says:

    Interesting! What type of camera do you used and lense?

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    • Hi Ilze, thank you so much for your interest.
      my camera is an Olympus OM-D E 10. I chose it mainly for its smallness and light weight as my old hands are a bit arthritic ! The lens I use for my macro work is a Zuiko 60mm f2.8 And, again , it is incredibly light . I find using a tripod is essential too!
      blessings, Eileen

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  5. My lens has a 1:1 option so that it zooms in very close. I then need to use the focus ring again. There is a magnifying option to touch on the camera screen too so that really helps with sharpness. I forgot to say that I invested in a remote shutter release , which is essential as the slightest movement can upset things!


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