Macro Spree – part two


Yellow Chrysanthemum


with water drops


more water drops


Lemon Drops

More to come ….. well – I said it was a spree!  Eileen


3 Comments on “Macro Spree – part two”

  1. David says:

    All very nice and my comments from the last post work here too. Additionally I like faint bud in the lower right of the first photo. Many might think it’s a distraction but I think little rather inconspicuous things like that add interest.

    So what kind of macro lens did you get; 40. 60, 80 105 200mm?


    • Thanks David. I went for an Olympus E – M10 camera with a 42mm lens and then bought a zuiko ED 60mm lens for my birthday. What I especially like is the light weight of everything! My arthritic hands etc can’t cope with anything heavy. I’m over the moon with it all ….. But learning the camera settings/ menus – when to use what – is a headache. Hey ho – practise makes perfect I guess.


  2. David says:

    So with your camera you effectively have a 120mm macro and I’m guessing it can probably focuses at a little less than 12″ so I think you should have lots of fun with that. I’ve read quite a few camera reviews in the past and I remember Olympus cameras always getting very good reviews except for their complicated menu system. That may not quite as much fun but if you’re like me you may just use only 20% or so of the available features so that cuts the learning curve by 80%. 🙂 . Have fun with your new lens.


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