• Macro Spree – part two

    Macro Spree – part two

    More to come ….. well – I said it was a spree!  Eileen

  • Macro Spree

    I’m really excited to have a new macro lens for my new camera! So – I went on an indoor macro spree.  I’d bought some fluffy feathers from a craft shop and tried spraying some water drops on them. This took a bit of time in itself as the water flattened the feathers down somewhat. It’s…

  • Tulip Portrait

    I love the sculptural quality of tulips because they make such clean, simple images … you can’t go wrong really, can you? I find this type of flower lends itself well to using a black background. Removing a petal allowed the stamen etc to be photographed from the front instead of from above. One of…

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