More From the Pond

Skimmimg the Lake

I’ve taken so many photos over at the Pond now so I thought I would get a bit of ‘creativity’ going by using some ON1 effects on these.  Normally I don’t like images to look too unreal/unbelievable, but I think I can get away with these … not to the purists’ taste of course, but I’m all for a bit of experimentation!  How wonderful that our Creator has given us the ability to create from His originals!

The lake

Evening Light

Nature Walk

Please leave any comments or constructive criticisms …. I’ll be posting some swan pictures later today/tomorrow.  Take care,  Eileen



6 responses to “More From the Pond”

  1. I like these. I also don’t care too much for photos processed too far but that’s personal taste; especially in saying what is too far. If a painter does not have to paint a true realistic image of what his eyes see, why should a photographer be hobbled with what only the lens and sensor produce?


    1. I am in complete harmony with you David x

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  2. Very nice and not “overdone” 🙂 You should post more often!

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    1. Hi Eric – thank you so much for your encouragement. I’m trying not to be so lax in posting but I guess I tend to talk myself down as I don’t get a great deal of response! That, plus ‘life’ tends to get in the way …. But I have some flower and still life pics in the pipeline 👀😊🤓📷 It’s a beautiful day today, so I may get over to the Pond again, Eileen

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      1. PS. I would show my appreciation for your photo Blog , but I don’t know how to get it translated not English!

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      2. know the feeling… it’s more fun to work on the pictures themselves (taking & processing) than to publish on your site 🙂

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