Swan at Ifield Pond

These images are all of the same swan. His mate was on the far side of the lake sitting on their nest and he had conveniently come alongside the walkway. I always feel slightly guilty that I never take any bread with me because he obviously thinks he’s going to get some …. but I can’t juggle bread as well as the camera. Usually there are other people feeding them, but not today.

I made a huge mistake in not watching out for my shadow falling across him so when I got home I had to delete a lot of the pics. Not only was it my shadow, but the metal mesh at either side of the walkway cast  shadows too. Some of them I was able to rescue with a little bit of ‘cloning’. Anyway  – I still had plenty that I was pleased with and again – I enjoyed making them look a bit different with my PSP and ON1 plugin.

Swan 2

Swan 3

Swan 3

Swan 4



More From the Pond

Skimmimg the Lake

I’ve taken so many photos over at the Pond now so I thought I would get a bit of ‘creativity’ going by using some ON1 effects on these.  Normally I don’t like images to look too unreal/unbelievable, but I think I can get away with these … not to the purists’ taste of course, but I’m all for a bit of experimentation!  How wonderful that our Creator has given us the ability to create from His originals!

The lake

Evening Light

Nature Walk

Please leave any comments or constructive criticisms …. I’ll be posting some swan pictures later today/tomorrow.  Take care,  Eileen




I recently upgraded to an Olympus OM-D E-M10 camera with a kit lens, but really wanted a macro lens, as that is where my interest lies for my flower subjects. However-  the lenses can be as expensive [ or even more] than the actual camera , so I’ve been trying to justify the outlay.  It’s not as if I’m earning my living from photography – it is only a hobby after all  –  but I can’t help hankering after getting the best pics I can.  Then I remembered my birthday is coming up, so that is my justification for buying it  … there – that’s made me feel better !


The image above is part of my learning process in how to handle this beautiful, neat lens. The thing I like most is its light weight – so good for arthritic hands.  I’d read reviews which were very good, but there were the odd few that mentioned the difficulty of the lens finding its focus. However –  now I’ve tried it out, I think that may be because there are several settings/options to choose from and you need to use the right one for the situation of course.

So – as you can see from the image – ideally it would have been nice to get that main water droplet in sharp focus   – but Lol – let’s pretend that was my intention ! It’s a huge learning curve for me as I need to get my head around choosing and adjusting my camera settings for the best results, which can become stressful and frustrating if I let it. I’ve never been good at maths [ can you be maths dyslexic?] and that hasn’t improved with age I can tell you ….

The instructions that came with my lens, as usual with cameras/lenses these days, is extremely sparse and unhelpful. So I’ve had to search on line again for help. I managed to find really clear info about the lens settings and what to use for what, so I’m truly grateful for that.

Line Up

This image is slightly more successful I think.  I did a crop on both pics, and they seem to have survived that quite well.  I’m looking forward to more practise and creativity –  maybe outdoors – although it seems a tripod is essential. That’s ok in my little garden, but not practical for me if I go out and about.

I would truly appreciate any helpful suggestions or to hear of your own learning experiences  – also, if this site will let you – feel free to show your own macro pics.

bye for now,   Eileen

Mothers Day Flowers

Pink RoseI always look forward to receiving flowers on special occasions for obvious reasons.  Roses, of course, are a classic subject for photographing against a black background, so here are my offerings ….

Pink Rose 2

Pink Rose 4

Pink Rose 3

Please feel free to leave a comment or constructive criticism – it’s always nice to hear other people’s take on things.   till next time,   Eileen