Tulip Poses [posies]

tulip closeup

There are lots of bunches of tulips around in the shops at this time and I just had to buy myself a couple. They were in bud so only showing a slight hint of their colour. One lot was a bit disappointing because they appeared white with pale purple-coloured streaks but turned out completely white. The others were this lovely pinky shade.

tulip sculpture

tulip sculpture 2

tulip and twigs

tulip and twigs 2Till next time folks,   Eileen



Seed After its Kind: Gen1:11

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’d set up a still life with a Dandelion clock in a small pot and took a few shots, then I had to leave it to attend to other things. When I came back, the card I’d used as a back-drop had fallen on top of my set-up so I thought that was that!

However – it wasn’t completely demolished, just a broken stem, so I decided it would add interest to the image. Here are a couple of shots before the near disaster happened …..



I tried a variation by transferring the dandelion to a similar pot, this time coloured blue/green …. this made a lot of the seeds scatter all over the place , so I did a little bit of re-arranging.