How Did I Get in Here?

Climbing Out
Climbing Out

After doing some ‘still life’ with this little chap I tried to use my imagination in other ways to involve him in a story and this is the result. It took  several days to do stuff in my Paintshop Pro , mainly because it’s fiddly trying to get accurate selections and then reversing them to enable background alterations. I wanted to keep the objects fairly sharp but not the backgrounds. I’m sure I could have made a better job of it if I knew how to use Layers properly, but sometimes you need even more patience I think – and mine is in short supply these days!

Anyway – I hope it brings a smile …. Eileen

Easy does it ...
Easy does it …
OK so far ...
OK so far …
Phew - nearly there ....
Phew – nearly there ….
Terra firma.
Terra firma.

See ya’ll soon I hope – don’t forget to use ‘like’ button[ if you do]or leave a comment – they are always welcome – as well as any constructive critism or suggestions.   Eileen


3 responses to “How Did I Get in Here?”

  1. Hi,

    I ended up here while looking on google for some info on wordpress… but I must say this series made me smile indeed 🙂
    Thanks for the laugh !

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  2. Thank you bisje – it’s re-assuring to know I’m showing up somewhere. …. It’s an invisible world and it’s only people like yourself, who leave a comment , that proves to me I’m here! Lol 😄😃😀


    1. You’re defintly there… somewhere 😉

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