I bought myself a huge bunch of Daffodils and enjoyed myself taking photos of them. As ya’ll know by now – I like to ‘enhance’ my shots in Paintshop Pro. This allows me to bring a bit more creativity into what can be just another run -of- the- mill subject … I hope you like the results. I’m really grateful for this modern technology that allows me to share something that I would otherwise just tuck away in an album somewhere. Ha ha – it’s a substitute for plying someone in my home with all those snaps that you have to be polite about!  Bye for now,   Eileen

Daffs in Vase

Daffodil in Pot


2 Comments on “Daffs”

  1. Mavis harris says:

    i love the one in vase,I think I am liking minimal again! Love daffodils,their are some already out on bank by Broadfield have been for 2weeks,surprised the cold has not killed them.The beautiful yellow is so Uplifting and spring is not too far away.Mavis

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  2. Thanks Mavis, it amazes me when you buy them in tight bud and they suddenly spring (pun?) into flower when you put them in a vase of water …. God’s amazing design and life!


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