Flower Portraits



cinnamonA friend gave me some lovely pansies to put in my garden – they have a huge variety of colours in their little faces. I had great fun with my post processing.

DahliaI like to bring the flowers indoors – especially on windy days when it’s difficult to get a still shot.  I tend to use a black backdrop for them as the colours show up nicely I think.

FuschiasNow for a couple of ‘outdoor’ shots.

Fallen Fuschia






Another Walk



Went for another walk to the same lakeside with a friend yesterday.  Happened to see this little chap along the way. He stayed for ages [observing us I guess]  so I was able to take my time getting shots of him.



I hadn’t realised till I uploaded this from my camera that this little laddie had an acorn in his beak. It was originally a shot of another duck to the right, so the image isn’t as sharp as it might have bee.

049So – this is the chappie I was really taking the shot of…..

bye for now,   Eileen