Ifield pond

What Swans Do

What Swans Do

I feel as if I’ve been a bit AWOL as I haven’t posted for such a long time! The result is I’m now having to re-learn how to post images again.  It’s taking me twice as long to get the hang of re-sizing etc, but I hope this will all come out right!

Since downsizing to my new flat I’ve been exploring the area and I’m within walking distance of the Ifield Pond [it’s more of a lake really].

I was fortunate enough to spy on a couple of swans grooming themselves in the sunshine. I only have a small camera [Canon Powershot SX240HS] but it has quite a good zoom lens [if I can keep the camera steady], so I was able to avoid letting the swans see me.

I got a couple of amusing shots that I thought I’d share here …

sooo laid back

sooo laid back


3 Comments on “Ifield pond”

  1. Nylabluesmum says:

    Oh Eileen those swans are just gorgeous & I love their poses…they are VERY laid back!! I had a Ower Shot for a week but could not get the hang of it so went & bought a Nikon Cool Pix with a Zoom lens & it works well. These wee cameras are pretty amazing aren’t they?? It is wonderful to see you here again. I have missed you.
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo


  2. Thank you so much Sherri-Ellen, it’s lovely when the wildlife make themselves so ‘available’ – these swans were particularly accommodating. I find my camera freezes the shot I’m taking so I can’t quickly take the next one. I know there must be a ‘rapid shot’ thingy to use, but it means I’ll have to spend some tedious time finding it. I’m not good at ‘technical’ stuff and get overwhelmed by screen displays on camera etc! WHY can’t everything be made simpler for grannies like me????


    • Nylabluesmum says:

      LOL I have the same issue with my camera & I am not a Grannie…it is not our age; it is the new fangled cameras…it they got any smaller we would have to use a pin to press buttons, lol…My Nikon does what yours does also…3 second delay. I talk to wildlife & Nylablue too to keep them focused so I can get 5-6 pix & then choose the best ones…
      Why is it smalleer is said to be better??? LOL
      Happy snapping….I am so glad you are doing all right.
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo


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