Trooping the Colour




I watched the Trooping of the Colour [celebrating the Queen’s birthday] on TV last saturday and decided to have a go at taking photos ….[ I’m hoping I haven’t breached any copyright laws].  I was quite pleased with the results in spite of having to deal [post-production] with the inevitable reflections on the tv screen.  I could be clearly seen holding the camera in some of them so had to discard them.



Another problem I had was unwanted lines and ‘moire’ patterns so I removed them as best I could.  As a result sometimes the images weren’t as sharp as I would have liked. Anyway – I tried to compensate what were technical problems by concentrating more on composition and cropping.



I love all the colour and pomp and circumstance too.  My dear old Dad was in the TA Royal Artillary in the 1920 s  and was with  horses and gun carriages like these. I specially like their uniforms – so dashing ….






3 Comments on “Trooping the Colour”

  1. Nylabluesmum says:

    Lovely images Eileen!!! Not sure if Trooping was shown here…usually Canada gets to see all special Royal events!!! I am so glad you took photos so I could get an idea of what happened. Thank you xo Sherri-Ellen


  2. Thanks Sherri-Ellen. I hope the event will carry on with the next generation of Royals after the Queen is no longer around. It probably will, cos I guess it’s a tourist attraction, but a lot of the ceremonies we think have always been, turn out to have been introduced by one of the relatively recent Monarchs. Everything seems to change these days … not always for the good either.


    • Nylabluesmum says:

      Tradition is important I beleive..we need traditions to define who we are & what we stand for. I think the Monarchy shall keep the traditions…..they draw tourists & unify the country!!!
      Your Father was in the gun & carriage regiment? WOW, very cool!!! Now THAT is history!!
      Sherri-Ellen xo


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