Photo Art


When I can’t find fresh inspiration I sometimes go back and have look through my photo library to see what I could have a bit of fun with. I love using my Paintshop Pro to get creative and try out different effects.

Tulips have a lovely sculptural quality to them and I experimented with ‘Gradients’  using the Flood Fill tool on the image background. I’m quite pleased with the results.

grI thought the Rose needed something a bit softer …..

bye for now     Eileen


3 responses to “Photo Art”

  1. Hi Eileen: That tulip is striking with the spiral background!!! I love it!!!
    The softening effext you did on the rose is gorgeous….you could make greeting cards using that photo!!!
    You are so talented!!! I think I should sign up for classes!!
    Has Spring finally sprung there?? It is coming little by little here…..slowly….lol…
    Yours from the chilly side, Sherri-Ellen xo


  2. sorry for delayed response Sherri-Ellen – been having a bit of admin trouble updating my details … everything seems ok now. Thanks for your card suggestion. I must admit I did try once or twice printing my own, not very successfully so I abandonned ship. I probably haven’t got the best software. I suppose I could try having them done for me but not sure if too pricey. xx


    1. Hi Eileen…no problem about not getting back to me til now. I am glad you are all right & have worked out the admin details!!
      So you have tried card making?? I wish it had worked out because your pix are brilliant!!!
      I wonder if it would pricey to have them made too…
      I hope you have a good weekend & maybe get out to take some more photos.
      Sherri-Ellen xo


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