Wakehurst Place,Sussex


I don’t get out and about very much, so it was a really nice photo opportunity  when my good friends, Jean & Harry, took me to Wakehurst Place for the day. It has a little Mansion , beautiful grounds and several ponds/lakes etc.  These are just some of the pics to give a flavour…..




See you soon …..    Eileen


One response to “Wakehurst Place,Sussex”

  1. Hello there Eileen: Wakehurst Place is lovely…..it reminds me of Spirit Rock Conservation Area that also has an old partially ruined mansion on it & remains of a stone stable…
    It is amazing how 2 places in different countries can look alike! Below is a link to Spirit Rock info & the 2nd link a photo link so you can see how pretty it is there.
    I hope you enjoy the links….
    Sincerely Sherri-Ellen xo


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