Sunny Weekend



I’m not sure what this little fella is  –  moorhen perhaps?  There – I should have looked it up before posting  …..


He’s a handsome chap ain’t he?


From a compositional point of view, I guess the squirrel maybe too central … I dunno , I know the rules but I can’t always follow them!


5 responses to “Sunny Weekend”

  1. Lovely as usual Eileen…I do not know what a Moorhen…must be a bird in UK we don’t have here….I love the Mallard; he looks proud to be having his photo taken!!
    Squirrel is trying to do camoflauge it appears but I found him!!!!
    I gotta post a few pix of my wee garden…I might just go do that now…. 😉
    Bye for now, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue.


  2. Thanks SherriEllen & Ny … I lost my internet connection for a day and a half but here I am again. I did an image search on Google and it confirmed it is indeed a Moorhen.
    I’m looking forward to the garden pics ….


    1. Hello Eileen…you have wonky Internet too?? Mine has been a bit dodgy for the past few days….must be something in the atmosphere…..
      Thank you for Googling the bird…I never knew what a Moorhen was so I have learned something new 🙂
      Nylablue & I did a new blog yesterday & the garden pix are posted if you want to go take a peek!!!
      Hope you have a good weekend. (I am sick with a Flu so not feeling grand.) It could be worse…I jsut want warm weather already!!
      Bye for now Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue aka “NY” (you & i are the only people who call her that).


  3. Ha ha – I’ve been tempted to address you as Shelli too, but didn’t want to take too many liberties!!! So sorry you are poorly – lots of funny ailments going around here too. So far I’ve managed to dodge all of them.


    1. LOL I am so glad you haven’t called me Shelli or just Sherri!!! I don’t like those short forms at all….
      I DO like S-E for a short form tho’….
      Nylablue won’t answer to NY when anyone else says it…she blanks them!!! Quite funny actually…
      Remember we had snow a week ago & it was freezing? i was out in it & caught something…I have felt off for days; it got bad Friday & this weekend has been spent quietly. Today the fog was rolling in like it was London proper & the wind from the North…I got fed up & came in!!! The young ones are all out in their short shorts & t-shirts & I am in long pj’s & flannel housecoat, lol….
      I am glad you have dodged all flu bugs; there are some nasty ones still about!!!!
      Hope you ahd a lovely weekend.
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo


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