Wild Life


For the first time in years I went away for a long weekend break . My family treated me to a Centre parc hol with them for the Bank holiday. It was wonderful to have a change of scenery and the opportunity to use my new camera on the wildlife . I was keen to try out the longer zoom lens on it and I was not disappointed.  This lovely Jay came to visit the chalet , plus lots of ducks and squirrels.



As a footnote …. I must say here that I inadvertantly deleted all my previous Post  images  and I don’t think I can retreive them. So – as there’s no point in having the text without the pics, it looks like I’ll have to delete everything and start again from scratch. I’m currently seeking advice on the Forum but I don’t hold out much hope !! Any suggestions here therefore will be most welcome ….   Eileen


6 responses to “Wild Life”

  1. Hello Eileen: Your zoom lens worked a treat!! the detail on the Jay is perfect & the squirrel is adorable!!! Oh no about the images…you don’t have them on a CD-R or on your PC hard drive??? I always keep them on PC. Say do you have the manual WP sends out when people first join here?? I still have mine altho have not gone thru it….if you want I can email it to you….let me know here & we can organize a forward of the manual if needed….
    xo Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo


  2. Such a shame about you pics. Hope it can be sorted


  3. yes- I’m afraid I did end up deleting all posts. But as I still have the photos on various CDs and memory sticks going back several years I think I might occasionally re-gurgitate [if you’ll pardon the expression] some of them !


    1. Hi Eileen: i saw you deleted the posts. I have alot of pix on CD’s also. If PC crashes I will have back up pix. Alot of the pix I use here i do not save tho’. I mean how mny pix do I actually need of Nylablue?? i have over 80 at least….LOL…
      Regurgitate away….just think you can do all new posts about old stuff & no one will be the wiser 😉
      Sherri-Ellen & nylablue too.


  4. ha ha – my thoughts precisely Sherri-Ellen !


    1. Great minds think alike, lol…. 😉


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